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Any plans to precompile for FreeBSD-8 x64?  I just tried the FreeBSD-7
i386 rules and, of course, no dice.



Daniel S. Galley 

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Just let me echo what Nick just said.  Shared Object rules don't work on


If you are using Snort on Windows i'd encourage you to move off if



On Tue, May 4, 2010 at 10:29 AM, Paul Schmehl <pschmehl_lists at ...14358...>

The best OS for Snort is the one you know the most about.  In depth
of the OS allows you to concentrate on what matters - the snort
processes - and
ensures that you will likely secure the box sufficiently to protect it

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> So before I start - yes I know that I'll probably get 10 different
> yet I have to ask just the same.
> What is the current distro of choice for deployment of snort?
> My sensors are getting long on the tooth (5 years old) running on
Pentium D
> processors and 1 gig of RAM and it is time to upgrade. So I have a
nice new
> set coming but I haven't settled on what distro to use for the
deployment of
> the sensors.
> I'll need to run the basic stuff (snort, apache, php, base, mysql)
> right now I'm using Slackware but I'm comfortable with any linux
distro. I'm
> just trying to find out what would be best for snort.
> Thanks

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