[Snort-users] Distro of choice

Luis Daniel Lucio Quiroz luis.daniel.lucio at ...11827...
Tue May 4 00:24:58 EDT 2010

Le lundi 3 mai 2010 22:27:54, BrainStomp Snort a écrit :
> So before I start - yes I know that I'll probably get 10 different answers;
> yet I have to ask just the same.
> What is the current distro of choice for deployment of snort?
> My sensors are getting long on the tooth (5 years old) running on Pentium D
> processors and 1 gig of RAM and it is time to upgrade. So I have a nice new
> set coming but I haven't settled on what distro to use for the deployment
> of the sensors.
> I'll need to run the basic stuff (snort, apache, php, base, mysql)
> right now I'm using Slackware but I'm comfortable with any linux distro.
> I'm just trying to find out what would be best for snort.
> Thanks
Use mandriva :)
instal the snort-bloat and all your problems will be gone

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