[Snort-users] Aanval 5.5 (Snort & Syslog intrusion and correlation) released

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Wed Mar 31 13:10:10 EDT 2010


Aanval 5.5 is now available

We are very pleased this morning to announce the public, immediate availability of Aanval 5.5.

Aanval is the industry's leading web-based gui for snort and syslog intrusion detection and correlation. Government security and defense organizations from more than a half dozen countries, educational institutions from around the world, global financial organizations as well as space exploration and military weapons manufacturers rely upon Aanval as a part of their security infrastructure.

Remember, Aanval is available as a free, single sensor version (without licenses, Aanval supports a single Snort and Syslog sensor).

Aanval Details & Screenshots



Below is a list of some of the changes that we've made in v5.5:

: An all new look and feel
: New Collection Group Manager
: New Notes System
: New syslog filter management system
: New port.map added to /conf/maps/
: Added payload: keyword to string match against payload data
: Added snort rule reload command option for sensor management tools
: Added ability to add events to a collection group through automated actions
: Added ability to delete syslog sensors
: Added underpinnings for several to be announced features
: Updated syslog filter assignment system
: Updated window manager stability
: Updated window manager window placement
: Removed shrinking window feature
: Extended free limited auto-logout to 30 minutes
: Removed all AMF, migrated back to XML
: Login banner text is configurable via idsOps database table
: PHP compatibility updates
: Flex SDK updates
: Fixed dozens of bugs with the full removal of AMF
: Fixed regular expression bug when filter contains special characters
: Fixed live monitor hostname timeout issue
: Fixed event details hostname timeout issue
: Fixed datastore rotation by day bug, which prevented correct rotation
: Fixed various html and special character data transmission bugs
: Fixed new user accounts randomly not being able to see event data
: Fixed syslog license error bug

... and much, much more is on the way as we finalize great features like the following:

New Situational Awareness display
New Signature Management
New Signature Editor
New Event Browser
New Event Correlation
Event Tracking and Marking
Incident and Event Response
Signature Correlation

New Aanval Appliances

We have brought the industry's #1 Snort & Syslog intrusion detection and correlation console together with the worlds most stable and advanced operating system.

Aanval Appliances are available in a variety of hardware and software combinations to fit every environment.

Single sensor deployments to large-scale enterprise intrusion arrays, Aanval Appliances are pre-configured for full intrusion detection and correlation functionality out-of-the-box.


Aanval Intrusion Detection and Correlation
Online @ Aanval dot Com

Interesting Fact: Aanval is owned and operated by Tactical FLEX

Fon: 800.921.2584
Fax: 501.648.0875

"Information Security Vulnerability and Risk Management Solutions"

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