[Snort-users] HTTP preprocessor and POST data

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You can definitely use the (content:"POST"; http_method;) to alert only on POST data; however for the data normalization, I'm having a brain-fart right now... maybe somebody else knows, perhaps content:"<match_string>"; http_uri; pcre:"<more specific criteria>";



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I am learning how HTTP Inspect works and also trying
to write some rules that use normalized data. I think that
all is explained in the documentation and you have done
a great job, but I have a doubt regarding the POST data.

I am sure that my question is too obvious, but I have tried
to find the right answer by myself without luck. :)

I see that the newer versions of Snort permit to normalize
data from the URI, headers, cookies and the body, but there
is nothing about the POST data. I have tried to use the
different modifiers for  "content" without luck.

I understand that POST data cannot be normalized, but
there is no mention in the documentation. Am I wrong?
In that case, which is the best practice when I want to
detect an attack that is using POST instead of GET?

Thank you very much for your help :)


Xavier Garcia

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