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Typically speaking, vendors referring to hubs these days are referring to switches.  Just to double check and make sure I hadn't missed the last few years, I asked one of our CCNPs and he gave me a funny look when I asked him about gigabit hubs... so yeah, hubs only do 10 mb half-duplex.  Actually, here I started to brainstorm what a gigabit hub's traffic would look like and, wow, talk about collision city...

Anyways, yeah, go look at gigabit taps.  A tap is going to copy at line-speed, any traffic going through it to the tapped ports and you won't have to worry about numerous issues such as collisions and exceeding the bandwidth of the device.


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What is the difference between a network hub and a network tap?
Maybe a stupid question, but is there a "gigabit hub" on the market or for
gigabit should I look for a tap?
(span port is not possible in my case...)
Thanks for the info.


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