[Snort-users] Multiple snorts on its own cpu core?

Edward Bjarte Fjellskål edward.fjellskal at ...14590...
Fri Mar 19 04:55:02 EDT 2010

Chan, Wilson wrote:
> What does this do?  "schedtool -M 2 -p 10 $PID" Is this really needed? 
> From some quick reading it seems that using "schedtool -a 0x01 $PID" should do the trick for locking the snort pid to cpu1. 
> ==Schedtool man parameters==
> -M policy
>     for manual/raw mode; policy is the number of the scheduling policy (see above for 0-4). This option is mostly for kernel guys that want to test their new implementations. 
> -p prio
>     specify static priority required for SCHED_FIFO and SCHED_RR. Usually ranged from 1-99.
> Wilson Chan


Sorry Wilson, for serving you more than you asked for :)
Its not really needed, just something I do :) As I said, you
should read about schedtools...

$ man sched_setscheduler



I just use it cuz I dedicate one cpu to snort...
All default other processes uses SCHED_OTHER and
they also start with an affinity that allows the
processes to run on all CPUS, and in this case,
leave the one that snort uses alone :)

Sorry again for the overload :)


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