[Snort-users] frag3 bind_to and ipvar not working

Lee Clemens snort at ...13080...
Sat Mar 13 11:02:15 EST 2010

Hi Alex,

It was working this way in I found it very useful since frag3 linux
policy and stream5 linux policy tend to use the same IPs, SSL rules use the
same ports as the ssl preprocessor to look for ssl traffic, etc.


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Unless something has radically changed lately you can't use variables in
preprocessors to define ports and IP addresses.  Variables work for rules
but for preprocessors try using the actual IPs instead.

Alex Tatistcheff
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On Fri, Mar 12, 2010 at 7:21 PM, Lee Clemens <snort at ...13080...> wrote:

	I am using Snort on Linux kernel 2.6.x.
	My snort.conf contains (was running on
	preprocessor frag3_global: max_frags 65536, \
	  prealloc_frags 65536, \
	  memcap 524288
	preprocessor frag3_engine: policy linux \
	       bind_to $LINUX_SERVERS \
	However, starting snort fails each time on the frag3_engine line.
	I have tried using slash-notation for each IP, and using ipvar
instead of
	Each time I get the error: Unable to process the IP address:
	If I wrap use $(LINUX_SERVERS) or [$LINUX_SERVERS], etc, I receive
the same
	error but with or without brackets.
	Using var and $(LINUX_SERVERS:?linux not defined), I receive the
	"linux not defined".
	Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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