[Snort-users] The same GID and SID in rule duplicates previous rule in Snort-

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Wed Mar 10 09:59:25 EST 2010


I had already update my snort from 2.6.1 to, my old snort is used in
a web project, and in this project, the user's rules is generated
automatically. In these rules, there are some rules with the same sid, for
example :

    alert TCP any -> 1111 (msg:"tcp";
    alert UDP any -> 1234 (msg:"udp";

these rules cause errors in the new version when start the snort but
not in the old version 2.6.1. Of cause I know that  I should make the rules
generate different sid (1000001, 1000002 ...), but now for some reasons
difficult to do this,* I want to know if there are some way to make "the
same sid in rules" also work, and not cause errors in the version,*  please
help me to fix this problem if there is someway to do this. Tkank you very
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