[Snort-users] whitelist rule to 1 ip?

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Sorry, it's early in the morning, but I'll run through the two polar opposites of blacklisting (suppression) and whitelisting of rules:

Blacklist - say I want to stop receiving alerts on sig_id 466 coming from; in the threshold file, I would put the following line:

suppress gen_id 1, sig_id 466, track by_dst, ip

Whitelist - say I only want to trigger alert 466 when it goes to; I would disable the alert (via pulledpork, so when I get rules updates it doesn't get re-enabled), and copy the contents over to my local.rules file, changing the destination from $HOME_NET to, so that the rule looked as follows:

alert icmp $EXTERNAL_NET any -> any (msg:"ICMP L3retriever Ping"; icode:0; itype:8; content:"ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWABCDEFGHI"; depth:32; reference:arachnids,311; classtype:attempted-recon; sid:466; rev:5;)

I hope this is what you are asking; if not, let me know,



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Subject: [Snort-users] whitelist rule to 1 ip?


I did ask this a while ago but never got a response.

What is the correct way of white-listing a rule for a specific IP .

I know that your can suppress warnings of a rule to an IP using the threshold file, but is thee any way to completely whitelist a rule - to 1 IP only?

Any help on this will be appreciated.


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