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Why are you considering buying a book about Snort that was published in
2007? I'm sure that some of the book is still relevant, but you might get as
much information that is current, as not. I'm not sure how to guide you
here, but the question might have been. Is it prudent to buy a book about
Snort that was published in 2007 to help me in current Snort?


It's important for anyone new to Snort to get current information. First
impressions mean a lot. The books you indicated that you were interested in
are basically out of date text books, and in order for them to stay
relevant, they need updating, as all text book do. Snort moves at a very
fast pace in terms of operability. Reading material that you take for fact,
when in the real world, is just not so, could be very confusing.


Maybe if you go into the books knowing that all things are not relevant to
today's Snort, could help?


Kindest regards,



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Hi Joel,
I am going to buy a book to learn Snort, I have found the following two
books with the same ISBN( 9781597490993) and same book name (Snort Intrusion
Detection And Prevention Toolkit):
 One book without your name on the cover has 768 pages, please see:
Another book with your name on the cover has 730 pages, please see:
Would you please answer the following questions:
1.) are these two books the most current Snort books?
2.) What's the difference between these two books.
Any information and help would be much appreciated.
Many thanks in advance.


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