[Snort-users] how to set proxy for oinkmaster

Matt Olney molney at ...1935...
Wed Jan 27 21:19:58 EST 2010

Never done it...but I thought this might work:

[molney at ...14754... oinkmaster-2.0]$ grep proxy *
FAQ:Q10: How do I setup proxy configuration?

And that let me find....

"Q10: How do I setup proxy configuration?

A10: If you download the snort rules archive from a web site (e.g.
     www.snort.org) and you are a behind an http proxy, you need to tell
     Oinkmaster to use that proxy or the download will fail. How you do
     that depends if you use wget (i.e. use use_external_bins=1, the
     default, in oinkmaster.conf) or libwww-perl (use_external_bins=0).
     You can read their man pages for complete configuration
     instructions, "man wget" or "man LWP::UserAgent".

     Quick instructions for the impatient:

     For wget, you can either edit the wget configuration file (usually
     /etc/wgetrc for global settings and ~/wgetrc for user settings) and
     set the http_proxy option. For example:
     http_proxy = http://your_proxy_host:3128:/
     (or http_proxy = http://user:password@...14755...:3128/ if you
     are required to authenticate to the proxy). You can also set the
     http_proxy environment variable. If you want your proxy server not to
     return the file in its cache but rather get it from the web server
     again, add "header = Pragma: no-cache" to your wget configuration

     For libwww-perl, set the http_proxy environment variable as
     described above (i.e. to "http://your_proxy_host:3128:/" or

Hope that helps,


On Wed, Jan 27, 2010 at 6:43 PM, Sadanand Ghagare <sadanandgh at ...11827...> wrote:
> Hi there,
> I cofngiured oinkmaster for snort which is running on windows 2003,
> SQL 2000 and IIS 6.
> using oinkmaster, when I try to update rules, it gives error " 500
> Can't connect to www.snort.org:80 (connect: Unknown error)"
> We use proxy in our network and I havn't set proxy for oinkmaster
> which might causing these issue.
> anybody has faced these problem before or have any idea about these?
> --
> Thanks & Regards
> Sadanand G.
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