[Snort-users] Winsnort giving error "Login failed for user 'base'"

Sadanand Ghagare sadanandgh at ...11827...
Tue Jan 26 14:56:48 EST 2010

I followed steps to configure winsnort with windows 2003 and mssql2000
as per steps specified on winsnort.com.
After completing all steps, when I tried accessing http://winids/, it
gives me main page, but whne I try clicking on any other link after
then it gives follwoing error:

Error connecting to DB : archive at ...14738...
Check the DB connection variables in base_conf.php

               = $alert_dbname   : MSSQL database name where the
alerts are stored
               = $alert_host     : host where the database is stored
               = $alert_port     : port where the database is stored
               = $alert_user     : username into the database
               = $alert_password : password for the username
Database ERROR:Login failed for user 'base'.

I think I misconfigured password for "base" database user.
Can anbody tell me how to change the password for this user on mssql?

Thanks & Regards

Sadanand G.

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