[Snort-users] getting "CGI error" while doing snort installation on windows 2003

Alexander Novokhatsky alex.ontario at ...11827...
Tue Jan 19 16:45:50 EST 2010

Hello Sadanand,
Here are the steps I performed. Maybe I'll help.

Install PHP:

Download PHP from: http://windows.php.net/download/
V 2.x  thread safe(Because v3.0 has no mssql support and doesn’t work)

Install PHP:
Choose IIS CGI
Directory: C:\PHP
Include Script Executable, GD2, MSSQL(met twice) and PEAR Support.

Modify php.ini
Max_execution_time=60 (from 30)


Create Virtual Directory for BASE:
Start ->Control panel-> Administrative Tools->Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager
Expand Web sites
Right mouse button on Default Web Site-> New->Virtual Directory…
Alias: base
Path:  C:\base
Check read and run (run should be removed after installation process)
(It’s possible to grant access only from specific locations)

Right mouse button on Default Web Site-> New->Virtual Directory…
Alias: baselog
Path:  C:\baselog
Check read and run 

Add PHP extension:

Choose “Default Web Site”
Right mouse button it->Properties
Then Home Directory
Click Configuration…
If there is no .php extension do following:
Click Add…
Select path to php.exe file (“C:/PHP/php_cgi.exe”)
Extension: .php
Script engine should be checked

Click the name of your computer then click "Web Service Extensions", on the left side of the main frame you will see a green arrow pointing to a link that says "Add a new Web service extension...", click that link.
For the Extension name put something like "PHP" in and for the Required Files put "C:\Program Files\php\php_cgi.exe", also check to set it to allowed

Tuesday, January 19, 2010, 4:24:46 PM, you wrote:

> I am trying to install snort on windows 2003 with sql 2000 SP4 and
> IIS. I am doing installation from steps given by Michael E. Steele

> I am done till "Configure IIS for PHP" step, but while doing "Test the
> IIS and PHP install" step, I get CGI error when try to access winids/test.php

> anybody has any idea about this issue?

> Regards,
> Sadanand

Best regards,
 Alexander                            mailto:alex.ontario at ...11827...

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