[Snort-users] MySQL schema sig_class - duplicate index

Vipul M Sawant vipul.sawant at ...11827...
Tue Jan 5 08:52:54 EST 2010


The mysql schema version 1.07 (vseq = 107) contains following defination for
sig_class table.

CREATE TABLE sig_class ( sig_class_id        INT    UNSIGNED NOT NULL
                         sig_class_name      VARCHAR(60) NOT NULL,
                         PRIMARY KEY (sig_class_id),
                         INDEX       (sig_class_id),
                         INDEX       (sig_class_name));

Here, the sig_class_id field is a primary key. Also Index is also created
for the same field. For MySQL table the primary key functions like an index
with additional constraint that only unique values will be stored. The INDEX
(sig_class_id) is redundant.

Is the INDEX (sig_class_id) added for compatibility with other database
systems or older versions?

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