[Snort-users] Archiving Snort logs

Sharma, Ashish ashish.sharma3 at ...6440...
Tue Feb 23 03:47:51 EST 2010


I have configured latest Snort build in IDS mode with 'BASE' and 'Barnyard2'.

What I understand from here is that 'Snort' generates the log in binary form, 'Barnyard2' parses them and puts the log messages in mysql DB, then 'Base' is used to check out the logs in a web interface. Am I right?

Here I want to know, Is the 'Barnyard2' also cleaning up the snort logs?
If not how could I archive the Snort logs efficiently, Is there any automated solution for this?

Also what is the efficient strategy for dealing with Snort logs archiving?

Please help

Thanks in advance
Ashish Sharma

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