[Snort-users] Can't make snort create a core file when it segfaults.

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Yes, I am.

-bash-2.05b# whoami


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Are you running ulimit as root?

On Mon, Feb 8, 2010 at 4:51 PM, Andy Berryman <aberryman at ...14758...<mailto:aberryman at ...14758...>> wrote:
One of my test boxes is segfaulting regularly. When it does, I can't make it create a core dump into a file. I've google'd and not found any answers.

I run "ulimit -c 1000000"
Then I run "ulimit -a" to see that it's set the file size correctly.

Then snort will segfault and I'll run "ulimit -a" and the file size will be back at zero again. I do a search of my file system with "find / -name '*core*' and nothing comes back.

Any suggestions?

It's this error every time in the syslog when it happens.

Feb  8 20:43:13 (none) kernel: snort[29313]: segfault at a ip 08079700 sp bfa8ac98 error 4 in snort[8048000+a1000]

Feb  8 20:43:43 (none) kernel: snort[29510]: segfault at a ip 08079700 sp bfb30c18 error 4 in snort[8048000+a1000]

Feb  8 21:04:54 (none) kernel: snort[29547]: segfault at a ip 08079700 sp bfbb05e8 error 4 in snort[8048000+a1000]

Feb  8 21:06:24 (none) kernel: snort[30630]: segfault at a ip 08079700 sp bf888348 error 4 in snort[8048000+a1000]

It'll do it every couple seconds, or it'll run for about 20 min and do it or an hour and do it. It's not predictable that I can tell.
I've disabled it loading the so_rules and that didn't work, then I disabled it loading all the other rules and that didn't work either. I read somewhere that it could be the wrong precompiled rules being used, so I deleted the snort_dynamicrules file and that didn't work either.

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