[Snort-users] Snort_Inline + Carp

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Wed Feb 3 16:06:57 EST 2010

To be perfectly honest with you, Fabio, I'm glad to see you also addressed
this to the Snort-Users list. I've got no experience even running CARP (I'm
familiar with it in principle, but have never used it), let alone running it
with snort_inline. Hopefully someone else on the list has that experience,
and can help you out.

2010/2/3 Fábio Ferrão <ferrao04 at ...11827...>

> Dear Alex,
> How are you?
> I have a problem with snort_inline + CARP.
> What's the CARP? Carp is similiar VRRP, is a virtual interface between two
> firewalls on the same network.
> For example: FW1 is, FW2 is Virtual IP is
> FW1 is MASTER, therefore FW1 reply by IP FW2 is
> BACKUP. If FW1 die, FW2's going to be the MASTER and FW2's going to reply by
> When I initialize snort_inline with all rules enable, the FW2 changes for
> MASTER and FW1 stay MASTER, therefore I have two firewalls (FW1 and FW2)
> replying by MASTER ( This can't happen! When this happen, both
> FW1 and FW2 stay crazy! The network stay crazy!
> I'm working for resolve this problem, but i didn't obtain the solution yet.
> Can you help me?
> Thanks.
> --
> Fábio Ferrão
> "E conhecereis a verdade e a verdade vos libertará".    João 8.32
> "And you will know the truth and the truth you will free".    John 8.32

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