[Snort-users] Snort in front of WAF or behind?

Jefferson, Shawn Shawn.Jefferson at ...14448...
Tue Feb 2 17:24:03 EST 2010

I'm putting in a WAF in the next two weeks, and I'm deciding on where to put it, in front of my network tap with Snort, or behind the network tap with Snort.  I'm thinking it's better to put it in front of the network tap with Snort, and let the WAF do the inspection, filtering and alerting of HTTP(S) traffic.  A couple of benefits of doing it this way that I see:

1. WAF will know more about how the HTTP applications are configured and what is good and what is bad input.
2. It will decrease the load (marginally) on the Snort box, since it won't have to inspect the traffic that is already going to be filtered at the WAF.

Anybody have input on this scenario?  It seems just like the "Snort in front of the firewall or behind the firewall" debate... but I might be missing something.


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