[Snort-users] No Logging No Output No Data

Greg Lane greglane at ...14965...
Thu Aug 26 15:51:58 EDT 2010

I have snort installed on a Ubuntu 10.04 box and I have gone over config
files and everything I can think of at least 10 times.  I cannot get help on
the forums and can't seem to find anything in the forum that remotely gives
a solution.  I have followed 2 different methods of install and still I have
nothing as far as alerts or just plain traffic in BASE.  I have mirrored
port on the outside interface of my router and have run wireshark to confirm
that I have activity on that mirrored port yet I'm still getting nothing in
BASE.  I have run Tcpdump and seen traffic on the interface.  I have did a
capture with Wireshark and analyzed the data with Netwitness yet I still
have no data BASE.  The only thing that I seen as a problem and researched
and found out was not a problem was when I start Snort after it completes
the initialization it says NOT USING PCAP_FRAMES.  So  I would really
appreciate if somebody could possibly tell me what the problem is because I
have posted on forums and get no feedback.



BASE 1.3.9




Greg Lane

IT Manager

Lane Enterprises


Email:  greglane at ...14965...

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