[Snort-users] Snort Logging to Snort Report

Greg Lane greglane at ...14965...
Wed Aug 11 16:37:09 EDT 2010

Hi All,


I'm in need of guidance.  I have searched the forums on Snort.org and posted
questions to no avail.  It seems the when I search the things I do find
there isn't a solution or any postings in the thread either.  


I have just installed Snort on Ubuntu 10.04 using snort report.  I
used the install guide on snort.org and gone through my conf files numerous
times and can't seem to find out why I'm not getting any data into Snort

I have mirrored a port on my router on my outside interface and have used
wireshark to check to see if I am getting traffic brought over and I am.  I
also have used nmap and ran multiple scans on my outside ip address and I am
getting nothing.

Any help is greatly appreciated because I believe I have exhausted all that
I can think of (which isn't really that much) to try and find the problem



Greg Lane

IT Manager

Lane Enterprises


Email:  greglane at ...14965...

Phone: (228)872-2414


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