[Snort-users] Alternative to BASE

Curt Shaffer cshaffer at ...11827...
Wed Apr 28 11:54:31 EDT 2010

What is everyone using out there instead of BASE? I know a lot of the
newer documentation on installing Snort is mentioning BASE quite a bit
even though it seems like development has not really progressed and
the mailing list is a dead SPAM bed.

The reason I am asking is because we just upgraded one of our sensors
to 2.8.6 using Barnyard (tried barnyard2 as well), and we are not
getting data to the database from that sensor now. When we tried
Barnyard2 it started to log in the database but died even though the
processes are still running. The other sensors are reporting back as
well without an issue.

I know this isn't a Barnyard or BASE list, but I just wanted to get a
general snort user consensus, or if anyone else that upgraded snort
this past week is seeing this as well.


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