[Snort-users] Bridge Help

Piyush Joshi pj.netfilter at ...11827...
Mon Apr 19 07:11:39 EDT 2010

I have configure bridge as per the
http://openmaniak.com/inline_bridge.php site. It works perfectly some
time and some time when i reboot or restart the network interface it
assigns the fake ip to eth0 and some time APIPA address to eth1 which
cause my snort to work properly .. if anyone has faced this type of
issue please let me know ..

Note: - Using Debian Etch 5.0

I am able to block P2P traffic as well as Windows messanger but could
not block g-talk or yahoo messanger while i have enabled the
chat.rules in snort.conf and chat.rules has been configure to drop
instead of alert ..

Waiting for your reply ..


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