[Snort-users] Help to run snort on linux machine

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On the attacking host create a packet by first putting the desired payload into a text file. 

vi payload.txt


Then create the packet with the following properties and send it to (or whatever your host is): 
set PUSH tcp flag, interface eth0, source port 2424 destination port 81, packet body size 26 and packet data from file payload.txt 

hping3 -P -i eth0 -s 3434 -p 81 -d 26 -E ./payload.txt (or whatever another host on your network is)

On the SNORT host "tail -f /var/log/snorttest/alert" shows that SNORT has been alerted through rule 1394 (sid) which is exactly the one we wanted to test:


Adam Richards,CISSP | CEH


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I agree, metaspolit is the best way to test snort, however, let's be clear that metaspolit is not an IDS testing tool. It's an exploitation and vulnerability testing tool. 


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On Apr 7, 2010, at 2:58 AM, Alan Ptak <alan.ptak at ...11827...> wrote:

	Metasploit ftw!


	Nessus and nmap will also generate a good number of snort alerts with a typical set of rules.


	Choose your targets carefully :-)

	2010/4/6 Edward Bjarte Fjellskål <edward.fjellskal at ...14590...>

	sri harsha wrote:
	> Thanks for the quick response.
	> Does anybody know any tool which generates attack packets which are
	> stateful in nature and I can use that tool to test snort? I mean it
	> establishes the TCP connection and then send attack packets?

	Check out the awesome metasploit framework :)
	Be ware, this may exploit the targets if they are vulnerable!

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