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Yet another question. I tried installing barnyard2 somehow it's not pushing
data to the mysql server. However, when i shutdown barnyard2, packages being
read from the spool or .alert files. I have copied my configurations from
barnyard to barnyard2. Why is this so?

Thank you paul for answering my initial query.


On Wed, Apr 7, 2010 at 2:48 AM, Paul Schmehl <pschmehl_lists at ...14358...>wrote:

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> Hi all,
>> I was wondering what would be the optimal setting to deploy snort with
>> base
>> and barnyard.
> 1) Don't use barnyard.  Use barnyard2.
> I am thinking of separating the mysql database from snort
>> itself and place it on a remote server.
> That's up to you.  Either way will work.  Depending upon how much
> horsepower your box has (cpu and memory) snort and mysql can coexist on the
> same box.
> I am wondering do I need to have an
>> additional interface for snort ? One interface for sniffing and the other
>> to
>> push alerts to the mysql server.
> Yes.  Once interface for passive sniffing, and one interface for management
> of the box.  It doesn't matter if mysql is local or remote.  You will still
> need two interfaces.
>> One last question: Would snort be better off being placed in the DMZ to
>> sniff
>> incoming traffic or within the internal LAN between the router and the
>> firewall.
> That depends entirely upon your network topology and what you want to
> monitor. Snort will "see" whatever traffic passes its passive interface.
>  What traffic that is depends upon what you are trying to accomplish.
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