[Snort-users] HTTP port statistics

ll ibeginhere at ...11827...
Thu Apr 1 00:56:30 EDT 2010

after read your articles and I try the pads ,I think I now what is the 
PRADS now .
what the PRADS do ,it's capture the package by pads and seek the p0f db 
to match the host info. right ?
it's an amazing job. it's need to familiar the p0f and pads source code 
very much.I look forward to your PRADS other linux version .

? 2010-3-31 12:39, Edward Bjarte Fjellskål ??:
> ll wrote:
>> hi all
>> I want to know what HTTP port are running in the network. I just think 
>> there will 80,8000,8080, but I want to know exact how many port are 
>> there . how to achieve this by snort or tcpdump ?
> Hi again ll :)
> You can also read this:
> http://www.gamelinux.org/?p=86
> PRADS will detect most http servers on any ports.
> No need to continusly scan 65535 x 2 x hosts, and repeating
> when you are finished :)
> ./ebf0
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