[Snort-users] Unixsock plugin?

Honia A honia2002 at ...125...
Mon Nov 23 12:14:04 EST 2009

Hi all,
I have a question on how to use Snort unixsock plugin.
1) I followed the direction in the manual and added the line output alert_unixsock to snort.conf file. 
2) Then I run the snort command like this:  snort  -A unsock -c snort.conf and will start to get some output inside the terminal.
I was wondering if you could please let me know if I am doing this the right way or I am missing some steps? 
If I am doing this the correct way, what is it supposed to happen ultimately?  
(I made sure the /var/log/snort directory does contain the snort_alert file if it matters)
Thanks in advance,


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