[Snort-users] Barnyard: Syslog output FAIL!

Chan, Wilson wchan at ...14702...
Thu Nov 12 21:37:50 EST 2009

Why is barnyard not outputting to syslog? Configurations below:


What is driving me nuts is when I run in batch mode for snort.log
nothing happens on syslog but as soon as I run batch mode in alert it
get output. How do you get syslog to report on the snort.log files in
daemon mode?


barnyard -o snort.log.1258079148 -v

barnyard -o snort.alert.1258079148 -v



config daemon

config localtime

config hostname: snort-test-laptop

config interface: eth2

output log_dump

output alert_syslog: LOG_LOCAL4 LOG_ALERT



#Output logs from Barnyard to Syslog Server (remote)

local4.*                                         @





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