[Snort-users] Rm: Combine NIDS with HIDS

Cesar Farro Flores cesar.farro at ...12286...
Sat May 30 12:52:31 EDT 2009

Hi List,

I have to send security informational of : IDS (03 Snort and 02
ISS-Proventia),  Firewalls(03 CheckPoint), Proxy (02 ISA-2006), Web App
( ISS and Apache), DB to the SIEM, Can you recomend me some SIEM open
source ?

I will appreciate your help.


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Hello gentleman,

I was wondering of the ability of combining SNORT which is NIDS with HIDS
software, and make both works on the same system?

And is this going to be useful and provide more security? i'm sure that
will depend on the mechanism that both software’s are going to use in order
to cooperate between each other. Like using the alarms resulted from one
software (like HIDS) and check it again by NIDS or vice versa.

Kindest Regards
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