[Snort-users] VRT Rules snapshot-CURRENT.tar.gz Download Error?

Joel Esler jesler at ...1935...
Fri May 29 13:17:36 EDT 2009

On Fri, May 29, 2009 at 12:56 PM, Jeff Dell <jdell at ...1095...> wrote:

>  The problem with once a week is what happens if you check on Monday at
> 8am and the rules are updated on Monday at 8:05? You won’t get any updates
> for 2 weeks. It would be really great to have something like a checksum that
> will be available to see if there is a change in the rules file. This way
> users know exactly when an update has occurred and even if they check it
> every 15 minutes they will be checking a tiny file as compared to 90megs+
> file. Then incorporating this into your favorite update utility will make
> updates very fast most of the time as there won’t be an update to the file,
> and would severely lower the bandwidth that snort.org needs.

A tool was recently written by one of our guys here at Sourcefire called

This tool updates rules and does exactly that (Checks the checksum of the
rules first).

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