[Snort-users] snortrules-snapshot not sustainable?

Zultan zultan at ...13388...
Wed May 6 06:48:14 EDT 2009

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> From: "Jason Haar" <Jason.Haar at ...294...>
> Hi there
> Has anyone looked at the size of that tar file? 94M! From New Zealand
> it's taking 10-15 minutes to download, and I only want ~4M of it.
> Surely this screams out for separation.
> snortrules-snapshot-$VERSION-$DISTRO-$ARCH.tar.gz springs to mind?
> Better yet, split the rules back into their original standalone tar, and
> put the "binary" stuff in other per-distro containers?
> Rsync would be better of course :-)

Rsync would be better, except for users like me.  Why?  Because politicians far above me with their lofty CISSP decided that rsync might be abused.  So they ordered port 873 blocked.

A simpler solution would be to reduce the size of the tarball.

Hello VRT rules folks!

Since the rules .tgz file for rules >= version 2.8.4 will not work on lessor versions, why are the precompiled rules for lessor still included in the tarball? 

If the rules for < 2.8.4 will not be maintained, then why not fork off the 2.8.4 rules and only include the precompiled rules for 2.8.4+?


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