[Snort-users] Corrupted Frame and Exit

Mike Dillinger miked at ...14531...
Thu Mar 19 13:29:34 EDT 2009

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From: Matthew Babcock <mbabcock at ...14533...>
Sent: Tuesday, March 17, 2009, at 10:43AM PDT (GMT -0700)

MB> Thank you, I was wondering if I sent that email. Your problem should be
MB> with the libcap version you are on. Look into your options for a newer
MB> one.

MB> What version do you have installed? I use ADM64 as well with the new
MB> stable version Lenny.. I am guessing your using testing or unstable. Can
MB> you post a couple lines from etc/apt/sources.list ?

MB> I have...
MB>  sudo dpkg -l |grep ii |grep libpcap
MB> ii  libpcap0.8                          0.9.8-5                    system
MB> interface for user-level packet captu

MB> and I have never seen that error. Let me know if you want to check other
MB> version of other things, I stopped following the thread not sure what else
MB> was discussed...

MB> -----------
MB> You might be able to do this... assuming your version is broken and you
MB> need an old stable version...
MB> sudo aptitude purge libpcap(everything) && sudo aptitude clean && sudo vim
MB> /etc/apt/sources.list change everything to lenny (I use the replace
MB> function).
MB> Then do sudo aptitude update && sudo aptitude install libpcap0.8 (and
MB> everything that was removed when you purged libpcap a minute ago)

I was running testing/squeeze, so I just downgraded to stable/lenny for now and it is working fine.  I also contacted the developer of libpcap and they said I have to upgrade my kernel as well, and I don't want to have to rebuild the kernel and libpcap, so I will wait for testing/squeeze to get updated via the traditional Debian sources.

You can view the developer's comments here:

Thank you very much for the help, to you and the others.  It was greatly appreciated.


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