[Snort-users] log_flushed_streams with Stream5

Joel Esler eslerj at ...11827...
Tue Mar 17 20:05:51 EDT 2009

Take a look at the readme for stream5 in the tarball of Snort.  It's located
in the /doc directory.

- Preprocessor name: stream5_global
- Options:
    track_tcp <yes|no>      - Track sessions for TCP.  The default is "yes".
    max_tcp <number>        - Max concurrent sessions for TCP.  The default
                              is "256000", maximum is "1052672", minimum is
    memcap <bytes>          - Memcap for TCP packet storage.  The default
                              is "8388608" (8MB), maximum is "1073741824"
                              minimum is "32768" (32KB).
    track_udp <yes|no>      - Track sessions for UDP.  The default is "yes".
    max_udp <number>        - Max concurrent sessions for UDP.  The default
                              is "128000", maximum is "1052672", minimum is
    track_icmp <yes|no>     - Track sessions for ICMP.  The default is
    max_icmp <number>       - Max concurrent sessions for ICMP.  The default
                              is "64000", maximum is "1052672", minimum is
*    flush_on_alert          - Backwards compatibility.  Flush a TCP stream*
*                              when an alert is generated on that stream.
*                              default is set to off.*
    show_rebuilt_packets    - Print/display packet after rebuilt (for
                              debugging).  The default is set to off.
    prune_log_max <bytes>   - Print a message when a session terminates that
                              was consuming more than the specified number
                              bytes.  The default is "1048576" (1MB),
                              is "0" (unlimited), maximum is not bounded,
                              than by the memcap.



On Sat, Mar 7, 2009 at 11:18 AM, phez asap <phez.asap at ...11827...> wrote:

> Hi all
> I was using the "log_flushed_streams" option with stream4/flow to do a pcap
> dump of streams that triggered a rule. I am trying to switch over to using
> the Stream5 preprocessor but it does not seem to support this. It is very
> useful and I have to guess it is still possible to do this. Is there a new
> way that this is being set up now when using stream5?
> I tried posting this to the list before but it looked like it did not work.
> Sorry if this is a double post.
> =Mike=
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