[Snort-users] barnyard regular restart required

Ian Masters ian at ...12163...
Mon Mar 9 04:48:31 EDT 2009

Thanks again for the reply.

> Again I do not use Barnyard, but any chance you are using outputting from
> Barnyard to MySQL (did not catch it the first time but you must be if you
> are using base...)? More specifically MySQL Server 5, there is an issue
> where the connection to MySQL times out, and MySQL does nothing about it.

I am indeed outputting from Barnyard to MySQL and my MySQL version is
indeed 5 (Sorry I didn't include this information to begin with)

> With Snort logging straight to MySQL this manifests as Snort log messages
> like "snort[10778]: database: mysql_error: MySQL server has gone away "
> Not sure if Barnyard will log anything in this senario...

I haven't come across anything useful like that yet.

> I *believe* that if you run lsof -i it will still show that snort
> (barnyard in your case) is still connected to MySQL (even tho the
> connection is dead)

lsof -i shows:
mysqld     4637   mysql   10u  IPv4    8513       TCP *:mysql (LISTEN)

The machine is a test machine which gets very few alerts.

Thanks for the ideas. It's given me a bit more to think about. I'm
surprised that it's not happening to other users too.


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