[Snort-users] About 64-bit snort binaries

Jason Zhao Jason.Zhao at ...5663...
Thu Mar 5 02:03:39 EST 2009

Hi, All,

I am trying to build snort on Solaris. On configure script,
it provides a option "--enable-64bit-gcc" to build 64bit
snort and its plugin libraries. Through the test, the 32bit
snort could work on Solaris very well. I am not sure about
the difference with 64bit binary and 32bit one. Right now,
I assume the plugin libraries(e.g., snort_dynamicengin) will
use some 64bit feature, i.e., it is required to use 64bit
plugins or 64bit snort binary on 64bit OS.

Do I understand right?

Great Thanks

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