[Snort-users] Snort logs different than the stuff I see in BASE.

Bruno G. San Alejo bgonzalez at ...14528...
Fri Feb 27 10:09:34 EST 2009

    Hi, I had already done something like that with the -b option, but
since I'm a newbie with this stuff so I went into the snort.conf and
commented out the DB output and uncommented the option for the
log_tcpdump option. I don't know if it will work differently.

    In my time zone my job time ends in minutes and my parental duties
take over, so I don't think I'll be sending anything new till Monday
morning. :)



Joel Esler wrote:
> Try this, don't output to database.  Try having Snort just output
> directly to pcap format, then we can try and figure out where the
> problem may lie.
> J
> On Fri, Feb 27, 2009 at 7:35 AM, Bruno G. San Alejo
> <bgonzalez at ...14528... <mailto:bgonzalez at ...14528...>> wrote:
>        Hello, I'm missing out something here because I have produced some
>     log files from snort and when I check them out with wireshark I cannot
>     find some alert packets that I see at BASE.
>        In detail, I see some ICMPs redirect messages in the logs (through
>     wireshark, they are in tcpdump format), but BASE shows just one. Also,
>     the mac addresses involved are not the same (I have just one sensor),
>     though the IPs are. I know this because the packet saved as pcap from
>     BASE and opened with Wireshark has plain wrong mac addresses.
>        I thought that some packets could get lost due to heavy load
>     (actually this is a live network, but I'm running snort non
>     promiscous).
>     But the discrepancies between what BASE shows me and what snort logs
>     makes me believe I'm doing something wrong.
>        Thanks.
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