[Snort-users] only alerts on incoming traffic.

jkv jkv at ...8462...
Tue Feb 24 14:37:08 EST 2009


I'm having trouble getting snort to trigger rules on outgoing 
connections, inbound connections works just fine.
For debugging this issue i have disabled all my normal rules and made a 
few debug rules:

alert tcp any any -> 25 (msg:"DEBUG: SMTP INCOMMING"; 
alert tcp any -> any 25 (msg:"DEBUG: SMTP OUTGOING"; 

( is my static ip, normally i use HOME_NET for this but 
since i am debugging i have hardcoded the IP in the rules)

With these two rules i get snort alerts if i generate port 25 from a 
remote server to my server - so far so good. But if i from my server 
initiate a port 25 connections to some remote smtp server i dont get any 
snort alerts.

Anyone got any ideas about why this is happening?


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