[Snort-users] Does anybody could help me please?

Armin Garcia Lopez saintarmin at ...125...
Mon Feb 23 11:45:44 EST 2009



This is my first post on the mailing list.... Im very frustrated and desesperated


I use the Snort Forums, but at today anybody could help me or reply my post:


Well lets see my problem:


I have the next output when my snort is come to work: 

S5: Pruned 10 sessions from cache. 3062 ssns for memcap: 7209269/8388608 

I found this url http://marc.info/?l=snort-users&m=120949181319261&w=2 

Here spoke about this problem is related with MEMCAP, ok I understan this problem, It means that I haven't allocated enough memory to stream5's memcap but.... 

Where I can change the value of the MEMCAP of my Snort? 
In what file is located this propierty? 
What is the recommend number or enought memory for put into this directive? 

Does anybody Could tell me the steps that I need to following solve this problem please?....

and thanks so much for reading and if you caould reply me

Armin Garcia

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