[Snort-users] Test Snort with real attacks\packets

Itay Dagan itay at ...14513...
Sun Feb 8 05:53:42 EST 2009

I need an advise with Snort testing ...

I am interested on checking my snort in the best way that I can.

I have a my own environment for  snort
which I add rules of my own etc.

At first I was trying to use sneeze in order to check all the rules 

My first Q is :
Is it possible to use sneeze from a different PC in the network ? (in snort ver 2.4-2.8)
I tried it but it seems sneeze doesn't create any packets.
Maybe sneeze is for older snort versions ?

My second Q is :
Is there a site or a data base that contains links to Snort attacks so I can check my environment ?
It can be really nice to create a "Lab" for snort that checkes all sort of real attacks

appreciate your help


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