[Snort-users] snort on debian monitor interface dhcp

Gregory Zill gregory at ...14510...
Fri Feb 6 10:44:45 EST 2009

When I manually initiate the monitor (eth1) interface using 'ifconfig
eth1 up promisc' it shows UP but then goes through the dhcp broadcast
and NetworkManager wipes out /etc/resolv.conf and the primary
interface (eth0) loses its default gateway, so I altogether lose
network connectivity to this box. The eth1 interface then shows a
169.254.xx.xx address. Of course, I would prefer no address for the
snort. I would appreciate any pointers in getting the eth1 monitoring
interface to come up without destroying the primary network
parameters. Thanks in advance.

The computer you are using has no brain,
therefore you must use your own.

Gregory W Zill, MBA, CISSP

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