[Snort-users] Snort v2.8.3.2 on Linux with mysql, barnyard and base

Ian Masters ian at ...12163...
Thu Feb 5 00:17:32 EST 2009

If anyone is looking for information on how to do a relatively painless
install as above, I would recommend the following docs on snort.org:

1. Snort, Apache, SSL, PHP, MySQL, and BASE Install on CentOS 4, RHEL 4
or Fedora Core (updated for Snort 2.6.0. and NTOP):

2. Debian, Snort, Barnyard, BASE, & Oinkmaster Setup Guide:

I was initially only using 1 but I had some problems which I was able to
solve by additionally using 2.

The approach by these 2 docs is similar but they differ at certain
points. I'd recommend reading both.

I'd volunteer to write an updated version, but I suspect there'd be too
many errors in it for it to be useful.


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