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I'm sure this is a very open-ended question so ill try to be as specific
as i can. i have searched the documents (ie User Manual, FAQ and install
guides) as well as Google searched and message board searched and all i
can find on install requirements is that " it depends". i am a home user
and would like to have a system that runs like its supposed to. I am not
opposed to building the machine its intended to run on, in fact that is
what i intend to do. I have a single 1.5 meg DSL connection hopefully
upgrading to cable in the future so depending on what ever package they
offer could go up to 20 megs. I know connection speeds have little to do
with hardware as a general whole. I am thinking of using at a minimum
2.0 Ghz AMD opteron processor with about 2 GB RAM and 74 GB Raptor HD. I
hope to have the SQL database on another computer so as to take most of
the load off my sensor.  I don't intend to have more then 10 users ever
on this network and am wondering if this would be a good machine to use?
any suggestions would be very helpful. I have never used and have not
installed snort as of yet due to lack of working computers (4) lying
around my house at the moment. Sorry if this seems like a stupid
question but I cant seem to find a straight forward answer as to what a
minimal install would use.

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