[Snort-users] my first snort- error obstacles in the barnyard

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Mon Aug 31 16:35:02 EDT 2009

Ron Kaye Jr wrote:
> this is my first snort
> i am close to successful completion.
> i am using the snort ubuntu 9 install guide
> i am having an issue with barnyard.
> the doc references 2-1.5
> couldnt find 2-1.5

It has been superseded.

> installed 2-1.6

That is the current stable version, however 1.7 is in beta and a day or 
two from being released.

> my recollection is that it doesnt find barnyard.waldo, and i have read 
> that i cant touch to create the file.

This was addressed in 1.6 and sadly re-addressed though under a 
different guise in 1.7-beta

> i have also discovered that -0.2.0 may have been installed by mistake.

You can test what version you have via "barnyard2 -V"

> how do i uninstall both versions?

There's not a lot of files to remove, "make uninstall" should work as 

> then i can reinstall 2-1.6
> will snort work without barnyard?

Sure will, barnyard/barnyard2 are designed to offload the output 
processing of snort on heavier loaded networks. You can take almost any 
existing barnyard/barnyard2 directive and use that within snort.


That's it, let it all out.


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