[Snort-users] Snort with snortsam on 64bit segfault

Gary Pitman gpitman at ...14642...
Wed Aug 26 11:24:22 EDT 2009

I have Snort running on RHEL5 64bit and after patching for snortsam  it 
will only run for about 5-10 seconds before getting a segfault. The 
strange thing is that I have had the problem of Snort not being able to 
start when adding the "output fwsam" line previously because the patch 
was not used correctly, but now it does start but then dies.
I do see that the patch added the 3 spo_alert_fwsam.* files in the 
src/output-plugins directory so I am assuming the patch ran correctly. I 
am wondering if the patch is not 64bit friendly. Has anyone had success 
with this version on x64?

I do have enough time to start an strace on the snort process before it 
dies but I do not see any useful information.
This is without any rules calling  for any action by the snortsam plugin.

Thank you,

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