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Hi Richard,

 1.  snort -V

 1.  While Snort can do it's own database output, it's much better to allow another app like barnyard to do that.  Database inserts slow snort down considerably, so I'd say that barnyard is definitely required for any non-trivial installation.

 1.  BASE will work for you.  The installation is pretty easy, and the readme file included with BASE outlines what's needed.  You will need apache installed of course, and some other dependency packages (shown in the readme).

Hope that helps.

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More newbie questions:

1.       How can I tell what version of Snort a predecessor installed?

2.       I've heard that Barnyard/Barnyard2 is no longer needed for Snort. True? What has replaced it? (We have barnyard installed and determining if we even need to upgrade to Barnyard2 if it is no longer needed.)

3.       With Snort already installed (CentOS 5.3), what else is needed to install BASE? (I'm looking at the step-by-step Snort/BASE installation instructions on howtoforge.com.) What version(s) of Snort will BASE work with?

Many thanks for your help to this newbie!

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