[Snort-users] Aanval 5.2 Released (Snort & Syslog Console)

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Tue Aug 11 11:19:16 EDT 2009

Aanval 5.2 has been released and is available for in-console upgrade  
and download.

We are extremely pleased and excited as always to release another  
iteration of Aanval. The primary focus of this release was to resolve  
bugs, improve upon existing features and enhance general performance  
of the console.

Release notes and change history can be found on the Aanval Downloads  

Remember, Aanval is available as a free, single sensor version  
(without licenses).

Product Information and Screenshots : http://www.aanval.com/aanval5

What is Aanval

Aanval is the industry's leading web-based gui for snort and syslog  
intrusion detection and correlation. Government security and defense  
organizations from more than a half dozen countries, educational  
institutions from around the world, global financial organizations as  
well as space exploration and military weapons manufacturers rely upon  
Aanval as a part of their security infrastructure.

Pricing and / or Purchase : https://www.aanval.com/purchase

Download Aanval

Aanval is available for download from the main Aanval website and  
requires an Aanval account to access. Accounts are free and take only  
a moment to create.

Downloads : http://www.aanval.com/download

Aanval Snort & Syslog Intrusion Detection and Correlation

United States & Canada
800 921 2584

Aanval Sales
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