[Snort-users] inline mode works(seems) without compiling with --enable-inline option

justin joseph justinjoseph007 at ...11827...
Wed Aug 5 08:11:10 EDT 2009


Were trying to configure snort-inline on Ubuntu hardy (snort version
2.7.0) for some days.
Today figured out by looking at the code that even if snort was not
compiled with --enable-inline
option, it was seemingly running with the -Q option(drop, sdrop,
reject won't work off course)

IMHO this confuses a newbie user like me because if snort was not
compiled enabling
inline mode then it is supposed to print error and abort if user tries
to run with the -Q option.

Attached patch against 2.8.4(changes in snort.c) or something like
that would be nice IMHO.

thank you
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