[Snort-users] compiling so rules on redhat enterprise 3 -- snort 8.4.1

Russell Fulton r.fulton at ...3809...
Tue Apr 28 19:35:02 EDT 2009

Firstly, is there somewhere where the process for compiling so rules  
is well documented?  I've spent quite some time with google and turned  
up an old FAQ entry that was not very helpful and nothing much else.

What I have done is:

in the snort source dir -- create so_rules/.
copy the so_rules from the VRT tarball into this directory
cd to so_rules/src
type make

and I get:

[rful011 at ...13893... src]$ make
ls: web-misc_*.c: No such file or directory
ls: sql_*.c: No such file or directory
ls: multimedia_*.c: No such file or directory
cc1: unrecognized option `-Wno-strict-aliasing'
make: *** [p2p_winny] Error 1

anyone have any idea what is going on?

I have googled on "-Wno-strict-aliasing" and turned up a few posts to  
various lists from people who had had this error in the context of gcc  

In the end I simply removed the option from the CFLAGS and everything  

Perhaps an issue with the version of gcc on RHE 3 ( The box is  
scheduled for an upgrade...)


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