[Snort-users] transfers of snortrules-snapshot-CURRENT_s.tar.gz are slowwww....

Russell Fulton r.fulton at ...3809...
Mon Apr 27 00:25:02 EDT 2009

It is often taking a couple of hours to download the snort VRT rules  
(via oinkcode url).  Worse still, periodically the transfers simply  
hang until TCP times out leaving incomplete tar file which upsets  

I'm using wget on a linux box if it makes any difference.

After a couple of failed attempts to down load further attempts seem  
to be reset even when they come from different IP addresses.   
Presumably oinkmaster.cgi is tracking the oinkcode.  Very frustrating.

Also is there a reliable way for something like wget to tell if the  
file has changed?  In the old days the tarballs were updated everyday  
regardless of whether they had any new files so I used to check the  
MD5s from the website but they don't seem to exist anymore.  Can we  
query oinkmaster.cgi to find out if we have the latest rule sets and  
thus avoid downloading altogether?

One last question ;) where are VRT subscribers supposed to ask for  


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