[Snort-users] [Snort-devel] barnyard2 development

firnsy firnsy at ...14568...
Tue Apr 21 05:20:10 EDT 2009

Actually Jason Wallace gave me the heads up. I was clearly under the
illusion that our efforts were known to the wider Snort community ;)

Our documentation is always improving based on user questions and feedback.
If a question comes in and we don't feel it's adequately answered in the
documentation then we'll rectify it as appropriate.

As for the packaging I totally agree, though I personally only have limited
experience in packaging (Debian/RedHat). The codebase is currently only 'nix
compatible and is developed in a Debian environment.

I'd be interested to read what is considered the common platforms that would
desire said pre-built binary packages.

- firnsy

>Jason Brvenik wrote:
>G'day to you. Good to see the devs involved, would this mail by any
>chance be prompted by the out of hand thread on direct database
>logging? :)
>Since nobody has replied I'll kick off with a statement and a
>question. I've found the two biggest blockers for people taking up the
>tools are pre-build packages and documentation. Do you have any
>pre-built packages?

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