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Sat Apr 18 20:07:14 EDT 2009

G'day All,


As the developer of barnyard2, I thought it would be appropriate for a
general introduction message to the list.


Barnyard2 is intended to be a successor to the original barnyard and
designed primarily for unified2. The codebase is built on the snort 2.8.x
branch making use of its decoding and utility routines and is continually
aligned with subsequent releases to ensure it remains compatible. All other
portions were rebuilt from the ground up in order to provide a  GPLv2
compatible codebase. Bamm was also kind enough to allow us to re-release his
sguil output plugin and our additional patches under a GPLv2 license to
complete the circle.


There is no concrete roadmap for barnyard2 as we have currently been using
snort+unified2+barnyard2 in our NSM environments and have for about 8 months
now and are very content. That said we are quick to address any issues or
suggestions to the codebase and release as appropriate.


If there is anything you want to see in barnyard2 or have your own ideas
that you wish to integrate then by all means send them through. For example
IPv6 enabled output plugins are one thing we want to address sooner rather
than later and would appreciate any assistance.


I'll leave it there as I'm sure there will be plenty of correspondence to
follow and I look forward to contributing to the community,


Lastly I would just like to say thanks to Marty, his merry band of Snort
developers and the wider snort community for your continued efforts on
delivering a robust, enterprise grade, IDS codebase time and time again.





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